Monday, 24 October 2016

Keyword Research Methods that really make Difference

Since the launch of Hummingbird in 2013, the general impression that has been built is that keyword research now doesn’t have any value when it comes to making the content optimized for search engines. Even the experts are now inclined to think that keyword research doesn’t help in SEO especially when Google search is more focused on entertaining queries rather than keywords.

Well, there are many reasons that make it pretty much clear that keyword research is still the factor which can help in distinguishing the difference between good and bad SEO.

Some of those reasons, methods precisely, are mentioned as under.
  1. If you want your topic to dominate the niche you target, there is no better way than keyword research to make it happen. It doesn’t matter whether you write only one post or a series of articles; keyword research will give you a number of solutions to drive traffic onto the articles.
  2. It’s the keywords that direct you to Quora or any other forums if you have any question. It simply suggests that keyword research still has its value that can’t be ignored. A better way to get traffic is by answering questions about hot topics. Highly moderated forums and Quora are such platforms that cat return an immense amount of traffic if you are successful in answering the questions.
  3. Injecting robustness in the content and using keywords to expand the discoverability are an effective combination that can boost the chiropractic SEO of your website. It doesn’t mean that you should start expanding your content by including new topics. Rather, it is concerned with updating the existing topics by adding in-depth information. This addition would give you an opportunity to add more specific keywords.
  4. It should be easy for you to know about the general language, for the types of products, being used by the audience you target. Targeting this niche for marketing your product is what everyone else does. With the help of keyword research, you can target the audience that would have knowledge about the product you sell. You only have to make a research on the search terms they use that can possibly be connected with your business. Using those terms in your SEO plan would help those searchers to find a bridge that will take them to your business. No other feature that keyword research in digital marketing can do it for you.
  5. Beside off page benefits, keyword research can also help you optimize your site. You can perform an effective keyword research to determine the competition and traffic on the keywords that you target, and use that data to arrange your website’s navigation.
  6. Make sure that your keyword research is also covering the future business prospect. For example, you may be earning well with the products you market but you might not be paying attention on readying the marketing plan for the products you are about to launch. Surely you need to work on this marketing aspect too.